Cloud Security

Do you consider taking the “Journey to the cloud” and are unsure as to the risks and challenges it encapsulates? Do you know what kind of services and products will make the most significant contribution to your organization and which you should reevaluate?

Utilizing industry’s best practices and body of knowledge, we are helping organizations make informed decisions regarding if, when, and how they will adopt Cloud Computing services and technologies.

Adopting cloud computing is a complex decision involving many factors. Our team of experts will assist you in understanding what questions to ask as well as the current recommended practices, and potential pitfalls to avoid when encountering the central issues of Cloud Computing security. We understand that Cloud Computing is still a rapidly evolving landscape; and one that requires any organization to stay current or fall behind.

Komodo’s security experts will provide you with practical recommendations and key questions to make that transition as securely as possible, while taking into account your organization’s specific needs.


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