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How we helped our client make wise business decisions to protect their sensitive assets

A methodological approach is required to evaluate the third-party vendor and uncover potential integration risks. This case study highlights a few priority key points that should be considered during a third-party vendor assessment.


Robbing crypto wallets through business logic and race conditions

A Fintech startup is developing a crypto exchange. As part of the product development, they wanted to ensure they implemented the system securely with the proper mechanisms and best practices.  


How we compromised the web-server of a cyber security company

Following the trend of moving to the cloud, a leading provider of web authentication solutions wanted to offer a SaaS solution in addition to the more mature on-premises one they currently offer. Despite the trust they have in their security posture, the security team wanted to conduct a test to verify that moving to the cloud does not pose new threats that were previously irrelevant. 

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