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Secure with Confidence

How Our Team Transforms Enterprise Security Using
HashiCorp’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Following the cyber attack, the organization realized that their existing server security mechanisms were insufficient. The attacker had successfully breached their bare-metal servers, deleting sensitive data. The company urgently needed to overhaul their security protocols to prevent future breaches and ensure secure, manageable access to their infrastructure.


After a thorough evaluation of various Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, the company selected HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp Boundary for their comprehensive security features and cost-effectiveness. The implementation process encompassed several critical steps:

  1. HashiCorp Vault
    The adoption of HashiCorp Vault was pivotal in managing authentication across the company's servers. Vault's ability to generate short-lived SSH certificates replaced the old, less secure method of fixed SSH keys. This ensured that access credentials were always fresh, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.  

  2.  HashiCorp Boundary
    HashiCorp Boundary was implemented as a PAM tool, essential for managing and recording SSH sessions. Configured to integrate seamlessly with Azure Active Directory, Boundary leveraged user group information to grant server access exclusively to authorized personnel. This integration facilitated a streamlined login process where users could initiate secure SSH sessions to designated servers without the need for private keys. 

Technical Details and Diagrams



The HashiCorp implementation transformed the company's security landscape:

  • Enhanced Security

    The shift to short-lived SSH certificates and the elimination of permanent credentials drastically reduced the attack surface.

  • Audit and Compliance

    With Boundary’s session recording capabilities, the company could now audit and review access logs comprehensively, meeting stringent compliance requirements.

  • Scalable Access
Integrating with Azure Active Directory enabled scalable and manageable access controls based on user roles and groups.

Comparison with Other PAM Solutions

Prior to selecting HashiCorp, the company evaluated several other PAM solutions:

  • CyberArk
    Found to be prohibitively expensive.

  • JumpCloud
    Lacked necessary features.

  • Securden
    Offered a reasonable package but was limited by an inadequate API and lack of support for non-Windows environments.

  • Ekran
    Did not offer a cloud solution.

  • Okta
    Although offering intriguing features, it was cumbersome and complex to set up.


The implementation of HashiCorp Vault and Boundary over a three-month period and ongoing weekly support thereafter significantly bolstered the security framework of the enterprise hosting provider.

The project not only mitigated the immediate vulnerabilities exposed by the cyber attack but also positioned the company to handle future security challenges with greater agility and confidence.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of HashiCorp’s solutions in creating a secure, manageable, and compliant IT infrastructure for enterprise-scale environments.

A prominent enterprise hosting and development provider, servicing hundreds of high-profile clients, faced a critical challenge when they were hit by a cyber attack. The breach compromised many servers, resulted in substantial data loss, and impacted numerous customers. This case study explores the strategic deployment of HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp Boundary to fortify server security, integrate robust auditing capabilities, and streamline access management.

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