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Practice detection. Learn to respond. Be prepared to mitigate.

HackTale is a new, innovative approach for teaching and training Blue Teams via gamification.

Even if not officially defined, most organizations today have some sort of a “Blue Team” deployed – a group of individuals that are responsible for detection and response to Cyber attacks. Usually, several products are installed , ranging from the good old firewall to the “new gen AI AV that can read minds and mitigate threats by telekinesis”, and some employee gets the task of configuring these products and monitoring their outputs. It is less usual though, that this employee has all the training and practice he needs to properly use the tools and actually detect ongoing threats.  When was the last time your SOC team had a “dry run” at detecting real, serious attackers?

HackTale is an opportunity to do just that, in a fun environment. We offer the opportunity of learning via gaming –  Play our games and be a hands-on Cyber investigator. Find evidence, analyse them into assessments, turn your assessments to actions and solve the crime. In the meantime, learn how to map the chronology of typical cyber attacks, find fingerprints in log files and registry keys, analyse memory dumps and malware patterns and gain usable, real world experience in a safe environment.

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