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 Komodo Ranger 

Managed Vulnerability Assessment Services

Detect security vulnerabilities, protect your
organization from breaches and exposure of
sensitive data with Komodo Ranger

Get the Best of Both the Worlds

Automated Tools Capabilities + Analytical Skills of Experts

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
to Protect Your Web Applications and APIs

What is Komodo Ranger?

Managed Web Application Security Scanning


Komodo Ranger detects security vulnerabilities in your web app and APIs
that could be used by bad actors to compromise systems and data.
It protects the organization from breaches and exposure of sensitive data.

Protect Critical Assets with Komodo Ranger’s

Our experts manage your application security risk, run your
scans, validate vulnerabilities, and prioritize findings

Managed Application Security Testing


150,000+ Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

Run over 150,000 automated security checks and scan your systems,  applications, and APIs for security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Fast Results

Quickly understand the threats of an external attacker.


Reduce False Positives

Our penetration testers will manually review the results and eliminate the overwhelming number of false positives reported by automated tools.


Focus on the Real Issues

We prioritize vulnerabilities so your development and security teams know exactly what to focus on first and fix critical issues faster.


Monitor Changes to Your Attack Surface

Continuous security scanning to identify new vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, applications, and APIs as your digital attack surface constantly changes and evolves.


Straightforward Compliance
& Reporting

Our high-quality reports help you easily answer customer security questions and comply with ISO 27001/SOC2 and other regulations.


As an organisation constantly targeted by malicious attacks, Komodo provides us with peace of mind both by securing our applications before they go into production and by acting as our incident response team at the most critical moments when we need them.

Amnon Cohen, CIO, Safecharge

Why Us?

Komodo Consulting is a high-end cyber security firm specializing in Application Security, Black-Box Penetration Testing, Red-Team Exercises, NIS2 Compliance, SOC 2/ISO 27001 Compliance, TPRM, Cloud Security Assessment, serving Fortune 500 companies in Israel, Europe, and the USA.


Founded by leading consulting experts with decades of experience, the team includes seasoned security specialists with worldwide information security experience along with military intelligence experts.

Trusted by the World's Best Companies


We've been working with Komodo, our trusted advisers on application security and penetration testing, for over six years now. They consistently provide us with invaluable insights, briefings, and value. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any company needing first-class application and cyber security services.

Amir Levi, CTO, Harel Insurance

What Our Clients Say


Working with Komodo Consulting has always been a streamlined, efficient process. Results are always to the point and right on time, accompanied by valuable insights and advice.

Eldan Ben-Haim, CTO, Trusteer (IBM)


Your company is changing. The security landscape is changing.

Identify security vulnerabilities in your web apps and APIs
before the hackers do with Komodo Ranger’s Managed Application Security Service.

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