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Cloud Security Assessment

 Protect Your Business and Customers
Accelerate Growth with Comprehensive 
AWS, GCP, Azure Cloud Security Testing

 We help you understand your cloud security posture and gain deep insight into critical vulnerabilities that put your business at risk.
Our expertise enables you to fix time gaps, improve security, and protect your cloud-based assets.


Minimize Risk of

Knowing your weaknesses is the first step towards improving your security posture.

Komodo’s assessment will help you identify your security weaknesses and vulnerabilities and allow you to build a secure and resilient infrastructure in the cloud.


Ensure Compliance
with Security Policies
and Standards

Organizations are obligated to follow security standards such as SOC2, ISO-27001, and others.

Komodo can help comply with these standards. We validate that your security settings are implemented effectively and provide recommendations about improving them.


Improve Readiness for

Protecting your cloud is a complex ongoing task. Inattention or hastiness may lead to critical mistakes that put your business at risk. Security plans should consider such errors and build the controls to detect and respond to cyber-attacks.

Komodo helps organizations plan and test their cyber-readiness programs in the cloud.

Our Cloud Security Assessment Services

Komodo’s expert will test your cloud using read-only access.

The tests involve running security tools and a manual review of settings, policies, and processes. The report will relate to the following domains:


Cloud Architecture

We review the cloud network architecture, VPC definitions, Subnet ACLs, Load Balancing, and more. Architecture also refers to storage, gateways, databases, serverless applications, and more.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The cloud audit tracks cloud capabilities, including access logs, network inspection, and cloud services logs such as storage and databases. In addition, we conduct a personal interview and fill out a questionnaire with security officers to understand organizational policies and procedures.


Incident Response

Komodo may simulate an attack to help you train and test your IT in responding to a cyber-attack. Such tests will improve the team’s knowledge in handling security events, improve detection time and  ensure that they are ready to react in case of an actual attack.


Identity Access Management

We test for user management in the cloud, including authentication requirements, password policies, permissions management, third- party access, privileged accounts, and more. 


Application Security

Komodo specializes in Application security. We perform application-level design reviews, security code reviews, and application-layer penetration testing for numerous cloud-native applications. Many of our projects combine application security tests with a cloud security assessment.


We've been working with Komodo, our trusted advisers on application security and penetration testing, for over six years now. They consistently provide us with invaluable insights, briefings, and value. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any company needing first-class application and cyber security services.

Amir Levi, CTO Harel Insurance

Secure Your Application

Komodo Consulting is Here to Assist
You with your Cloud Solution







A cloud security review lets your business know what is happening in your cloud and what to do when an incident occurs. Engaging Komodo specialists in a cloud security assessment results  a detailed report of the cloud environment’s security posture.


This report includes an Executive Summary for management, detailed information on each finding, risk ratings, and remediation recommendations.


Google Cloud Platform



Amazon Web Services



Microsoft Cloud


Why Us?

Komodo Consulting is a high-end cyber security firm specializing in Application Security, Black-Box Penetration Testing, Red-Team Exercises, NIS2 Compliance, SOC 2/ISO 27001 Compliance, TPRM, Cloud Security Assessment, serving Fortune 500 companies in Israel, Europe, and the USA.


Founded by leading consulting experts with decades of experience, the team includes seasoned security specialists with worldwide information security experience and military intelligence experts.

Trusted by the World's Best Companies

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global brands

As an organisation constantly targeted by malicious attacks, Komodo provides us with peace of mind both by securing our applications before they go into production and by acting as our incident response team at the most critical moments when we need them.

Amnon Cohen, CIO, Safecharge

What Our Clients Say


Working with Komodo Consulting has always been a streamlined, efficient process. Results are always to the point and right on time, accompanied by valuable insights and advice.

Eldan Ben-Haim, CTO, Trusteer (IBM)


Secure Your AWS, GCP, and Azure Cloud Environment

Use our Advanced capabilities to find and fix your security issues.

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