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Take Your Application Security
to a Different Level


Take your Application and Software Security to a different Level


Over 90 percent of security incidents result from exploits against defects in software. Software security is a complicated yet critical task. Adding shiny new hardware or software doesn’t solve the problem—there is no silver bullet. Komodo helps organizations detect software vulnerabilities early at the development stage and establish best-in-class strategies and procedures to ensure your software is an unattractive target for hackers.


Web applications remain the weakest point in the perimeter of most organizations. Sixty-nine percent of web applications are plagued by vulnerabilities that could expose sensitive data. Komodo offers a unique methodology to test the security level of your web applications.




Our experts test dozens of mobile apps on iOS and Android regularly.


We deploy unique tools and techniques that include reverse engineering, memory analysis, business logic, and much more to ensure your mobile app is bug-free.




Have your application tested at the code level by our experts.

By deploying manual and autonomic code testing, our team will find security bugs that  penetration testing cannot detect while keeping your development team trained with the best secure coding practice.

Threat modeling is a proactive approach to application security, which allows the project owner to focus on the most essential and cost-effective software security solutions.

Komodo’s experts are committed to assisting our customers in producing high-quality software by adopting a holistic programming approach that keeps the business secure while maximizing its competitive advantage.

Understanding software security threats is the foundation for building better software. By allowing individuals involved with the development of software programs to stay informed about security basics and latest trends in security and privacy, you’ll increase their commitment to writing more secure software.

Secure Your Web Applications, APIs & Mobile Apps 

with Advanced Black Box Penetration Testing Services

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