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This service gives a bird’s eye view of the cyber threat landscape. The report provides your organization with security updates on several topics including the sector in which you operate, popular trends, and ongoing threats. The information contained in the report can range from a CEO’s level to an analyst’s breakdown of details.

Our Intelligence system provides us with fresh data from multiple resources including social networks, security blogs and sites, and from the Darknet. This data has been analyzed by automated algorithms and by human analysts. Once we are able to purify the data, we will provide actionable information to the customer. The data will also be customized to fit to the organization’s structure and requirements.


Attack Surface


The attack surface of an organization is the total sum of the entry points that a potential attacker can exploit in order to enter the organization’s perimeter. The purpose of this report is to provide the organization with the attacker’s point of view regarding these entry points. The report will help the organization better understand what attackers are looking for and how they prepare before an attack.

Immediate Threats


When we detect an immediate threat to your organization we will directly generate a report that analyzes and explains the threat.

CYSNIFF, our intelligence platform, monitors multiple sources including: cyber security news websites and blogs, cyber security research institutes, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the deep web. Once we obtain the raw data, we start to distill it until we receive actionable and valuable results.

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