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Komodo specializes in web intelligence of many forms. The Internet is an infinite source of information, it is also a mean for people to share knowledge and ideas and join together based on mutual interests.

The Internet also has its dark-side, the places where all these good characteristics of sharing and learning are used for destructives purposes. These may cyber-criminal groups trading your stolen business secrets, political hacktivists believing your organization should have violated some moral code they cherish or disgruntled individuals with specific agenda.

Komodo experts are fluent with these dark areas of the Internet and can give you ‘tailor made’ intelligence insight that specify your adversaries are and the threats they pose.



The methodology for performing Intelligence Gathering and Threat Map analysis relies on combining unique cyber intelligence technologies along with the team’s expertise in cyber/information security and the ability to think like malicious hackers.

The efforts will be separated into two parts – Passive and Active information gathering:

  1. Passive information gathering techniques are such that can be performed without any sort of access to any of the targeted organization’s assets. These efforts include:

    1. Accessing public information resources

    2. Defining an Attack Surface

    3. Searching online for published sensitive organization data.

  2. Active information gathering techniques are such that involve access to the organization.

    1. Standard querying of assets

    2. Fingerprinting

    3. Port analysis

A Threat Map defines for the organization what assets would most likely be the target of a cyber-attack, based on a weakest-link concept.



The IT and Web infrastructures of corporates, governments, and private individuals are under increasing cyber threats from criminally or politically motivated groups, individuals and organizations.

Most organizations handle the increasing level of cyber threats with technologies such as firewalls, IDS, Antivirus, NAC and many more.

As SUN TSU once said “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

Knowing who your adversaries are and the threats they pose, while preparing your organization for an attack will allow you to be proactive and handle unknown issues and threats.

Though Intelligence is a word mostly used in military scenarios, cyber warfare is very similar with the same need for counter-cyber terror related intelligence.

Komodo takes this unique approach, providing relevant and actionable cyber intelligence about the activities, capabilities and motivation of online criminals and hacktivists. By infiltrating their networks, we provide unprecedented insight into their activities and capabilities.



Komodo and our cyber intelligence researchers, offer clients a turnkey solution that comprises real-time threat alerts, deep and full analysis, and expert advice to assist them in handling and mitigating threats.

Our Cyber Intelligence services include:    

  • Mapping players — hackers, hacktivists, terror groups and more

  • Broad coverage spectrum —hackers forums, closed groups, Darknet, Deep-web, Open-source, Social

  • Identification of Objectives and attacking tools

  • Identification and analysis of relevant trends in cross-industry threats

  • Analysis of past cyber attacks

  • Assessment of potential threats

Online alerts of future attacks and consultation for their mitigation.

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