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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

ddos attacking

And why Fortune 500 Telecom and Technology vendors are on that list?

Information is power.

And information technology, is well…


Especially when we are so much reliant on the internet.

In the last several weeks the internet has

experienced the most significant DDoS attacks.

But who performed these attacks?

Is it a nation state?

Is it an anonymous organization?

The answer: it depends.

It is hard to say who is responsible for this

kind of attack as it is based on opensource

software running on 17K+ servers worldwide.

But can we be more responsible for the infrastructures we own?

So why can’t Fortune 500 companies do the same?

Especially when they are large cloud vendors.

This is a good question.

In recent publication dubbed memcrashed,

hackers have exploited memcashed servers to deliver amplification ddos attacks.

The largest attack in history.

A recent pastebin post pointed at 17K+ vulnerable servers.

So how it relates to Fortune 500 companies?

Because 20% of these servers are either hosted, owned or operated by a Fortune 500 company.

The companies which exposed the most memcached servers (based on the pastebin post):

1 oracle

2 comcast

3 france telecom

4 e.on

5 china mobile

6 microsoft

7 america movil

8 amazon

9 vodafone

10 ntt

11 deutsche telekom

12 time warner

13 mtn group

14 tencent holdings

15 rogers communications

16 at&t

17 teliasonera

18 google

19 emerson electric

20 bce

21 kddi

22 ibm

23 merck & co

24 verizon communications

25 swisscom

26 tata teleservices

27 softbank

28 lg

29 fugitsu

30 sony

31 telstra

32 bosch

33 tata communications

34 hewlett packard

35 intel

36 sk telecom

37 singtel

38 twenty-first century fox

39 etisalat

40 accenture

41 marubeni

42 state street

43 telenor

44 united nations

45 novatek

46 viacom

47 bt group

48 pccw

49 sistema

Can these companies take more responsibility on their infrastructures?

Sure, and hopefully they will.

Cyber security is a great, global challenge and it seems like all hands are on deck.

We believe large corporations, especially cloud vendors,

should be taking more initiative to make things better for the rest of us.

The information in this publication was based on research performed by

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