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Secure Software Development



Komodo’s experts are committed to assisting our customers in producing high-quality software by adopting a holistic programming approach that keeps the business secure while maximizing it’s competitive advantage.

Komodo helps companies establish efficient and cost-effective processes to secure software. So, whether you have a working Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) process that you need to improve or build one from the ground up, we are the experts who can help you achieve it.

With ongoing experience in many verticals (Financial, Hi-Tech, Telecom), we can assist your organization in meeting and integrating those and other regulative requirements into the organization’s DNA effectively and efficiently.

Recent Forrester research led by Dr. Chenxi Wang observes that sufficient resource allocation to address application security remains a significant issue for businesses and recommends adopting “a prescriptive application security methodology, such as Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), and adapt it for your own environment.

Building upon Microsoft’s SDL, we have developed a unique, adaptable process that can be implemented into an organization’s DNA while maintaining the organization’s original Development process. Whether it is Waterfall based or Agile (Scrum), Komodo’s experts will provide you with the tools, techniques,, and strategies to achieve a working SDL for your organization.

The benefits of investing in an SDL process include lower cost over time, aligning your development process with regulative requirements, and more secure software.

Komodo’s SDL process adoption, reviews your organization’s development lifecycle. Along with your development team, Komodo focuses on the check-points that will achieve the greatest value by applying only those most effective security controls to the process. These can range  from the requirements phase of the development  to the release phase through to sprint-specific checkups in scrum methodology.

At Komodo, we believe that implementing an effective Secure SDL requires defining reasonable goals and measurable metrics for success, accepting the necessary changes, and following them. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to help your organization achieve just that.

Secure Your Web Applications, APIs & Mobile Apps 

with Advanced Black Box Penetration Testing Services

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