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Our proven methodology will help your organization identify application vulnerabilities and protect against security breaches. In addition, our assessment process enables organizations to make informed decisions about business risks and manage security spending effectively.

At Komodo, we understand that there is no ‘silver bullet’ approach that can provide zero security breaches when it comes to security. At the same time, we know organizations' resource limitations that may ultimately lead to compromise. Therefore, our approach is business-driven, and we strive to provide  the most cost-effective assessment techniques that cover the maximum possible threats while using a risk-based approach.

There are two basic approaches when it comes to application security assessment:

White Box Security Approach: The security audit team has unlimited access to all relevant resources, such as software design documents, application source code, internal procedures, and data flow.

Black Box Security Approach: The security testing team has no previous knowledge about the application (resembling an anonymous attacker) while they try to spot the vulnerabilities that would allow an external attacker to hack into the system.

Komodo’s proven assessment methodology combines these approaches to achieve the best results while optimizing time and cost-effectiveness.

Secure Your Web Applications, APIs & Mobile Apps 

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