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Black Box Penetration Testing Company




One of the most common approaches in assessing a system’s  security level is to simulate an attacker’s perspective with no prior knowledge of the system, hence the “Black Box".


Our experts try different scenarios of Black Box penetration testing tools and attack vectors and utilize hands-on and automated attacking techniques  to gain as much information as possible about the system and uncover its weakest links.

Interested in penetration testing?

Bypassing business logic at the application level and exploiting other vulnerabilities may allow the attacker to perform unlimited money transfers on banking applications, constantly win on a gambling application, impersonate another user, and directly influence the system’s database.

Detecting these flaws requires solid experience, creative thinking, and strong intuition.

Two methods can perform the Black Box penetration testing methodology: Invasive – When trying to exploit any vulnerability (usually in the testing environment)


Non-Invasive – Vulnerabilities are only discovered and reported. They are not exploited (usually in the production environment).

We have developed our Black Box penetration testing tools and methodologies over thousands of penetration tests. We adhere to industry standards such as the OWASP top 10 and business logic-related application flaws that are unique and different to each application. Additionally, we include all classes of WASC attacks in our tests.

We then detail the Black Box penetration test results in a comprehensive report that clearly explains where your vulnerabilities are, the risk to your business, who may be able to exploit them, and how to best secure your application.

Our reports for non-technical senior executives focus on potential risks and probability. In addition, our reports provide application developers with an in-depth explanation of how to mitigate risks.

We correlate each vulnerability to a valid MITRE CWE ID to enable more effective discussion and better understand software weaknesses detailed in our reports.





Komodo’s  Mobile Security testing  methodology is based on years of experience testing complex applications and systems in market leading companies.

Our proven methodology will help your organization identify application vulnerabilities and protect against security breaches. Our assessment process enables organizations to make informed decisions about business risks and manage security spending effectively.

Secure Your Web Applications, APIs & Mobile Apps 

with Advanced Black Box Penetration Testing Services

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