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Internal Intelligence




Utilizing a passive approach, we monitor the organization’s assets and provide specific and concrete recommendations as to which servers and systems should be prioritized in the patching process.

Today, the corporate information technology infrastructure is highly complex. Each organization has between hundreds and thousands of servers, each running an abundant number of apps, software, and physical components. Since each day the components in this security eco-system suffer from vulnerabilities, new vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and published publicly.

The purpose of this system is to make sure the security environment remains secure by keeping all the components up-to-date and taking their risks into account.

Our automated system monitors multiple resources, which provides us with a clear picture regarding all of the new threats. Each threat is categorized according to several topics so that we can match the threat to the correct assets in the client’s infrastructure.

The information provided refers to the immediate threats and helps the organization prioritize them according to their relevance and level of criticality. In addition, we provide our clients with insights from the Darknet regarding available exploits which could be used by potential attackers.

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