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What is the Value of Penetration Testing and What to Look for in Pen Testing Companies

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Value of Penetration Testing and things to look in Pen Testing Companies

Why Penetration Testing?

With data breaches projected to cost businesses an estimated loss of $6,000 billion in 2021, penetration testing companies, as a counter to cybersecurity attacks, are becoming some of the most effective weapons in a business' cyber defense arsenal.

Data breaches can occur when hackers exploit holes in network firewalls, vulnerabilities at the point where applications interface with the system, and through identity theft of employees or customers using online fraud.

The hacker then proceeds to access confidential customer information, including financial details. The hacker can then use the details to siphon off finances to untraceable offshore accounts.

Penetration testing can help simulate a cyberattack where it is most likely to occur and help detect vulnerabilities before hackers, and malicious users target them.

69% of companies believe that their current anti-virus safeguards are insufficient to counter sophisticated hacks into sensitive databases. That is why proactive measures to identify threats and test system responses are necessary.

How does Penetration Testing Work to Contain a Threat?

Penetration testing methods vary depending upon the attacker’s level of knowledge about internal systems.

  • Black Box Penetration Testing is where the tester has little to zero knowledge of internal systems. This method is closest to simulating real-world attacks as few attackers launch their hacks from within.

  • White Box Penetration Testing is at the other extreme. The method assumes that the tester possesses deep internal knowledge of the system architecture, and has access to source codes, integrations and can interview the development team.

  • Gray Box Penetration Testing lies between black and white box pen-testing. The testing combines the best of both methods and is usually the best value for the money invested in testing.

Main Steps of a Pen Test

Main Steps of a Pen Test

What Do You Gain from a Pen Test?

The main advantages of conducting a penetration test for your business include:

  1. Uncover vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit

  2. Reveal the methods that an attacker may use to exploit security gaps

  3. Test built-in defenses and responses to real-world attacks

  4. Meet statutory requirements and build trust with your customers

  5. Enhance the system’s security mechanisms and the R&D team’s knowledge

What Do You Gain from a Penetration Testing

What to Look for in a Penetration Testing Company

  1. Quick responses to queries and requests indicate good customer service

  2. Detailed documentation covering methodologies and results, as well as the scope of the penetration test

  3. Streamlined delivery of help and support

  4. Industry-recognized credentials alongside proven experience

  5. Level of openness with testing teams and clarity of method

  6. Cost and ROI

Komodo Consulting is a high-end cybersecurity firm specializing in Penetration Testing, Red-Team Exercises and Application Security.

Komodo provides services across several verticals, including banking, fintech, insurance, hi-tech, automotive, energy, communication, critical infrastructures, healthcare, and international mega-brands.

Leading security specialists with decades of information security experience founded the company. In addition, the team includes a variety of security professionals with military and academic backgrounds in cyber security and computer sciences.

Contact us now to protect your Web Applications, APIs and Mobile Applications with Black Box Penetration Testing.


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